About Us

Textnock will deliver your TEXT messages to the right people, located anywhere, at the right time.

Who we are?


We started our journey in 2020 with a view to inject positive change within our society using our core strength in technology. Cumulative experience of our team and market research led us to our current niche focusing on communication sector, where even to this day lies considerable room for improvement. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to build a reliable, ground-breaking and cost-effective communication platform – Textnock.

Textnock is a strong marketing and communication platform that has been designed to help extend our clients’ reach to the right people with the right message and at the right time.

Our Vision

We want to help forge a stronger and more direct connection between businesses and people.


Our Culture


We ALWAYS place our clients at the core of our focus, whether we are creating a new design or developing upgrades or communicating directly.


We CHOOSE to work within teams to incorporate numerous points of view and develop the best possible solution for our clients.


We respect and are highly receptive to any feedback from our clients and we will always consider necessary actions to improve our clients’ experience.