If you have a Sales team using platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, etc with the need to reach your leads via SMS and increase engagement or you run an E-commerce business on platforms like Shopify, eBay, etc. and need to notify your customers via SMS, then use our Zapier integration to automate the sending of SMS to your intended audience.

Setting a Zap using our Zapier integration is really easy and you can set it up following the instructions below.

How to integrate Texnock using Zapier?

Step 1:

Visit this URL: https://zapier.com/apps/textnock/integrations

Using this URL, you will be directed to Textnock’s Integration landing page in Zapier’s website.


Step 2:

Search for your chosen app to connect with Textnock

You can click on the “+” button or use the Search Bar to find the app out of over 2000 applications to connect with Textnock.


Step 3:

Select the App, with which you want to integrate Textnock

In this case, let’s integrate Textnock with HubSpot


Step 4:

Select a Trigger

Trigger is an event using which you can initiate the transfer of data from any of the 2000+ approved Apps in Zapier to Textnock.
For example, you can transfer any New Contacts from your HubSpot account to your Textnock Contacts.


Step 5:

Select an Action

Action determines the specific destination of the transfer of the data using API calls and the task to be performed.
For instance, the destination App in this case is Textnock and the Action to be performed is “Add New Contact”


After selecting the appropriate Action, click on the “Connect HubSpot & Textnock” button.

Step 6:

Create a Zap between Textnock and the chosen App

“A zap is basically an automated task that you want run over and over again between two online apps.”
To create a Zap, you will need to assign a Name for your Zap.
Then, you will need to ADD the account of the chosen App.


After you have added the account, dick “Continue” button.

Step 7:

Select the required Properties for the Trigger

You can select from a range of Properties you want to transfer data from the chosen App to Textnock.


After selecting the required Properties, click Continue


Then, you can choose to test the Trigger by adding a new data (Contact) in the chosen App (HubSpot) or you can Skip the test.

Step 8:

Set the required parameter for Action in Textnock

You will need to Add your Textnock account.


After adding your Textnock account, click Continue.

Step 9:

Select the required parameter for Action in Textnock

Based on the Action chosen earlier, you will need to set the required parameter.
In this case, you will need to choose appropriate Contacts Category (you will need to create one in Textnock, if not already created).


Step 10:

Select the specific destination of the data to be transferred to Textnock

Based on the Contacts Category selected, you will need to add the chosen App’s data field(s) to the respective data field(s) in Textnock.


After mapping the chosen App’s data fields with the respective data fields in Textnock, click Continue.

Step 11:

Turn your Zap “ON”

You can choose to Test the Zap or skp the testing.
Then, turn your Zap “ON” to initiate the transfer of data from the chosen App to Textnock.


You are all set and the data from the chosen App will now be transferred automatically to Textnock.